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The e-publications listed below are available as PDFs to download and print for your enjoyment and education. (Printed copies are not available for purchase). AWE e-pubs are produced with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council Arts Investment Fund for Publishers and Periodicals.

Other Electricities: Works from the AGW Collection

Illustrated; 17 pages; essay by cheyanne turions

The Saltmarche Soirée and Live Auction Exhibition

Illustrated; 20 pages; text by Catharine M. Mastin

The Walter Carsen Gift: A Memorial Exhibition from the AGW Collection

Illustrated; 34 pages; essay by Catharine M. Mastin


Illustrated; 14 pages; essay by David Liss

Nicky Hamlyn: Film Works

Illustrated; 23 pages; essays by Al Rees and Nicky Hamlyn, interview with the artist by Oona Mosna and Jeremy Rigsby, Media City Program Directors, foreword by Srimoyee Mitra

Joseph Hubbard: You Don’t Know What You Are Seeing (Romancing the Gallery)

Illustrated; essays by Peter Schwenger, Ihor Holubizky

2011 AGW Biennial

Illustrated; text by Srimoyee Mitra, foreword by Catharine M. Mastin