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Mandate, Mission
& Vision

Art Windsor-Essex harnesses the power of art to open minds and hearts to new ideas, perspectives and ways of thinking that inspire people to grow emotionally and intellectually.


To transform Art Windsor-Essex into a community-driven art gallery for the 21st century. We will:

  • Reinvent how we work, operate, and interact with stakeholders through innovative approaches, tools, and technologies.
  • Connect deeply with our community and together, create vibrant change within our community.
  • Become an accessible home for contemporary culture and critical conversations where art, history, culture and civic life intersect.

Creating Conversations

To spark community conversations around ideas and issues, such as history, culture and society, leveraging the galleries, collection and exhibitions. We will:

  • Provoke conversation through our exhibitions and programs, and introduce different ways to look at, think about, and make art.
  • Activate our Collection in ways that make our artworks relevant, accessible, and compelling to audiences.
  • Inspire artistic innovation in Southwestern Ontario by becoming a centre for creative, collaborative exploration and a magnet for inventive makers and thinkers.

Education & Engagement

To serve and engage with the community as a key, unique hub for learning through art in Windsor-Essex. We will:

  • Become a welcoming person-centred, community-driven place for art and culture that is the most vibrant and engaging cultural asset in Windsor-Essex.
  • Offer art, education, and social programs that are relevant, accessible and compelling to a broad range of communities.
  • Be a strong advocate for visual arts education in Windsor-Essex, and a valued civic and community partner supporting lifelong learning.


To ensure AWE’s long-term sustainability, manage our assets effectively, be accountable to our community, and maintain positive relationships with stakeholders. We will:

  • Diversify partnerships, revenue, and support to build AWE’s resilience.
  • Steward positive stakeholder relationships (artists, government, participants, sponsors, staff, volunteers) to facilitate growth.
  • Strengthen our visitors’ experiences, programs and collection through effective prioritization of resources and sound decision making

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