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  • Festival of Birds at Point Pelee National Park: The Art of Cabbage with Nathalie Dubois

Festival of Birds at Point Pelee National Park: The Art of Cabbage with Nathalie Dubois

Time and Date: Friday, May 5, 2023, 2pm

Location: Point Pelee National Park, Visitor Centre Classroom

Cost: Included with park admission

Pre-registration required.  


Did you know that cabbages are like chameleons? They can change colours according to acidity! Artist Nathalie Dubois will show you how to use cabbage mixed with different liquids to create eco-friendly paints and dyes. You’ll even get to taste some of the concoctions! Recipe results can vary, but do expect bright and bold palettes!


The Friends of Point Pelee and Point Pelee National Park is celebrating the spring migration at the 2023 Festival of Birds from May 1 to May 22. Learn about Savannah restoration and how it benefits birds, purchase exclusive Festival merchandise featuring the Yellow-breasted Chat, complete the 100 Species Challenge and earn the limited-edition Canada Warbler pin! For a full festival lineup, please visit The Festival of Birds website.

To participate: 

  • This workshop is open to all ages and artistic skill levels.
  • Online pre-registration is required.
  • The workshop is included with park admission.
  • Questions? Please contact Sophie Hinch at

Nathalie Dubois

I am a fully self-accepted BacterVirHuman, bioartist (BFA, Concordia University, Montreal, CA MFA’s student University of Windsor, CA), and scientist (Ph.D. in plant science, UPMC, Paris, FR) named Nathalie Dubois Calero. My works are a feminist act of reconciliation with my non (or too much?) human components. Microbes are the media I use in workshops, performances, videos, and object-making.

My recent project, BacterHuman, focuses on the cutaneous microbiota (all the microorganisms living on and inside the skin) and the multifaceted relationships we have with it. This work includes Microidentidad (residency, workshops and exhibition, ICA, Bacalar, Q.R., Mexico, 2020)  Name:Nathalie Species: HomoBacter Insipiens  (TTT Vienna, 2020 online), Queer and Biophilic Approach of the Cutaneous Microbiome (online workshop, ISEA, 2021), We are planets (hiflex workshop, HTLMlles festival, 2021), and Bodies of water about our microbiotal relationship with water (exhibition and video at Leamington Art Centre, Ontario, Canada, 2022). I spent one month in an artist residence in Sao Luis, Portugal, with Cultivamos Cultura group (2022).

I am a member of Incubator art lab at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.