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Saturdays in the Studio! with Victoria Anne D’Anna

DATE: Saturdays in November 2022
TIME: 1pm- 4pm
LOCATION: 2nd floor, Education Studio


Spend your Saturdays at AWE! This month, join illustrator and artist Victoria Anne D’Anna to learn how to make your stories come to life! This program is generously sponsored by Anne Safranyos and family.

Through looking at iconic children’s books, explore story-telling methods and illustration techniques like line-work, shading, colouring, and stylization. By the end of the in-studio workshops, you’ll be able to interpret text into pictures with your own unique illustration style!


To Participate:

  • All participants are encouraged to pre-register online.
  • Or drop-in between 1-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • This program is free with admission to AWE and open to all.
  • Questions? Email Sophie Hinch, Education and Public Programs Coordinator at ​

Saturday, November 5th, 1-4pm: Expanding meaning and exploring imagery

Discover the similarities and differences between drawing and illustrating by looking at children’s book examples and line work techniques. Each participant will draw an iconic children’s book sentence out of a hat! This sentence will be used to explore the relationship between text and picture. It will act as the inspiration behind your illustration.


Saturday, November 12th, 1-4pm: Line-Work

Learn how to build a story from an image! Participants will use an image or idea and render it into a more finalized form for the base of their illustration. By adding linework and extra details, create a more complete illustration. Develop your individual illustration styles and explore different line work techniques.


Saturday, November 19th, 1-4pm: Shading

Participants will use an image or illustration and focus on adding shading to their work. We will explore the importance of light and shadows through various shading techniques such as crosshatching. Participants will be encouraged to explore their own unique styles and apply the shading technique they feel best suits their illustration. Minimalistic, realism, caricature, anime – it’s up to you!


Saturday, November 26th, 1-4pm: Colouring

The final activity in our book illustrating series! Wrap up your final illustration with colouring. Adding colour to your illustration pulls everything together. It is the most effective way to evoke the overall tone in a work. Explore how different colour palettes translate emotion and expand meaning. Whether you use minimal colour or saturate your illustration it is up to you! By the end of this activity, you will have a fully realized illustration, a better understanding of your own unique style, and how illustrations expand the meaning of text. 


Meet the artist: Victoria Anne D’Anna

Victoria Anne D’Anna (she/her) is a multimedia Italian-Canadian Visual Artist and Writer. She earned a Bachelor of Art-Honors Degree in English Literature and Visual Arts. Victoria specializes in paper-carving, abstract painting, illustrating, and writing children’s literature. Victoria aims to create work that keeps the eye engaged and the mind wandering. Through juxtaposing whimsical imagery with underlying dark themes her work merges childhood with adulthood. She uses these elements to address themes that revolve around passion and conflict with a more serene outlook. Her imagery often showcases florals celebrating personal growth and inclusivity. Victoria continually participates in exhibitions and has a focus on international publications. Based in Windsor, ON where her ideas are always growing.

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