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Sundays in the Studio! Nice Water, Neutral Water with Carolyn Hardy

DATE: Sundays in July
TIME: 1pm- 4pm
LOCATION: 2nd floor, Education Studio

Nice Water, Neutral Water is a series of 5 workshops with artist Carolyn Hardy that reflect on the fluidity of water. Water changes form, distorts images, and holds emotions. As beings that are made of water we will compare the difference between nice water, water that is bathed in kind words and positivity, and neutral water.

To Participate:

  • Drop-in between 1-4pm on Sundays.
  • This program is free with admission to AWE and open to all.
  • Questions? Please contact Sophie Hinch, Education and Public Programs Coordinator at

This program is generously sponsored by Anne Safranyos and family.

Nice Water, Neutral Water

During the first week of Nice Water, Neutral Water we will explore the theory that water can respond to our positive emotions. We will decorate our nice water, say nice things to it, and surround our nice water with positive energy. We will compare our nice water to our neutral water to observe if there are any changes.

Meet the Artist: Carolyn Hardy

Carolyn Hardy is a professional visual and performance artist specializing in surrealism and live painting performances. Carolyn enjoys communicating with nature and strives to inspire humanity to remember and respect our natural environment. Carolyn’s unique style has been found in many exhibitions, murals, festivals, stores, and events in Windsor Essex and on Pelee Island. You can purchase her original artwork at One of a Kind Pelee Art and Collectibles and at Pelee Island Artworks on Pelee Island.