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Weekends in the Studio! Cozy Winter Hats with Suela Prendi

DATE: Sundays in December 2023
TIME: 1pm- 4pm
LOCATION: 2nd floor, Education Studio

Spend your Sundays at AWE! This month, join artist Suela Prendi and create winter-inspired crafts! No art experience needed!

Sunday, December 3:  Cozy Winter Hats

Join us for a delightful journey into the world of colors and shapes, where every creation tells a unique story. In this engaging class, students of all ages, from kids to adults, will discover the art of working with geometric shapes, experimenting with vibrant color combinations, and mastering the technique of collage using tissue paper. Each crafted hat reflects your individual style. A black and white printed paper template will be provided as a sample for tracing if needed.

This program is generously sponsored by Anne Safranyos and family.

To Participate:

  • Drop-in between 1-4pm on Saturdays, in the 2nd floor education studio.
  • This program is free with gallery admission to AWE and open to all.
  • Questions? Email Sophie Hinch, Education and Public Programs Coordinator at

Meet the artist: Suela Prendi

Suela Prendi holds a degree in Fine Arts earned in Europe, bringing a rich and diverse artistic background to her work. With proficiency in a broad spectrum of media including drawing, watercolors, acrylics and oil painting.

Her artistic repertoire spans an array of subjects such as still life, landscapes, abstract, mixed media, portraits and clay sculptures.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Suela finds joy in sharing her passion through teaching. Her love for both children and adults is evident in her dynamic and engaging art classes, where she imparts not only techniques but also a deep appreciation for the expressive world of art. Suela Prendi’s art is a reflection of her boundless creativity and her commitment to nurturing the artistic spirit in others.