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2007 Windsor Biennial

March 24, 2007 - July 15, 2007

AWE Gallery

The AGW is pleased to present the 2007 Windsor Biennial, an exhibition of contemporary art from the Windsor/Detroit area. The 23 artists featured in this exhibition were selected from over 140 appplicants by a panel of three curators: Jessica Bradley from Toronto, Aaron Timlin from Detroit and Theo Simms from Winnipeg. The show includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and installations. While most of the works are located in the second floor galleries, others can be found throughout the building.

Our intention with this exhibition is to provide an overview of what’s happening in contemporary art in our region. For over fifty years, the AGW has organized regional survey exhibitions on a regular basis. With globalization, the notion of regional identity has changed, and contemporary art has become more international. Increasingly, artists from diverse cultures and geographies are participating in a universal language of visual expression, often using new media to create their work.

With so many artists working within an expanding international context, it has become difficult to define regional tendencies in art.  In this climate of permeable identities, the 2007 Windsor Biennial is an attempt to reveal what is happening within the visual arts in this place at this time. Given the fluidity of contemporary culture, we decided to ignore the international border that physically divides Windsor from Detroit. Instead, we used a more intuitive notion of localization that recognizes the ‘interconnected-ness’ of the Windsor/Detroit region. As a result, this survey exhibition of work by regional artists will include artits from Detroit and southeast Michigan, making this Biennial both a regional and international exhibition that reflects Windsor’s unique position in this era of permeable culture and transitional identity.

We congratulate and thank the following artists that were selcted to participate in the Biennial: Alana Bartol (Windsor); Douglas Bedard (Windsor); Matthew Blake (Detroit); Sara Blakeman (Detroit); Steven Matthew (Detroit); Mira L. Burack (Bloomfield Hills); Jack Byng (Windsor); Christopher Dean (Ferndale); Angela Desjardins (Windsor); Janet Hamrick (Ferndale); Chido Jonson (Ann Arbor); Dennis Michael Jones (Ann Arbor); Toby Millman (Ann Arbor); Zeke Moores (Windsor); Troy Ouellette (Windsor); Margaret Parker (Ann Arbor); Nancy Patek (Grosse Point Woods); Mike Richison (Oak Park); and Mark Schwing (Detroit). 

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