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Ann Harbuz: Inside Community, Outside Convention

June 27, 1998 - September 20, 1998

AWE Gallery

Within a relatively brief artistic career, Saskatchewan artist Ann Harbuz gained a reputation for her imaginative and challenging work. Motivated by a strong conceptual orientation, a desire to articulate her own history, and a compulsion to make art, she ventured boldly into uncharted aesthetic territory. Between 1976 and 1990 she produced over one thousand paintings and three-dimensional objects. The historical narrative in Ann Harbuz’s work details events, places and people as she remembered them.

As an artist Ann Harbuz was an astute commentator of both her own subjectivity (a women, artist, mother, Ukrainian) and the communities which surround her. The curator Joan Borsa recognizes the unique position of locating herself as an active participant within various communities and simultaneously observing and analyzing the everyday social world she inhabited.

Ann Harbuz: Inside Community, Outside Convention is an exhibition that explores the connections between self-taught artists, local cultures, and contemporary art practices to reconsider the traditional understandings of ‘folk art’. Her work also questions generic readings of Ukrainian Canadian identity and culture. In regards to the tradition of Ukrainian embroidery she said, “I liked embroidery but instead of embroidery as other ladies, I painted.” In her life and in her art, Ann Harbuz did not adhere to convention. 

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