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Assembling Sounds: The Drawings and Illustrations of Bertram Brooker

January 17, 1998 - March 15, 1998

AWE Gallery

Brooker’s career spans from the early twenties until the fifties. Working in adverting as an executive in Toronto until is death in 1955, he had a multifaceted career as an artist, designer, and author. Noted as Canada’s first abstract painter, and a contemporary of the Group of Seven, Brooker forged a new ground fro Modernism and Abstraction in Canada, beginning a shift away from nationalism to his own brand of world and spirit painting. He also contributed to the growth of Canadian culture during the uncertainty of the Depression with his newspaper column The Seven Arts.

The exhibition Assembling Sounds: The Drawings and Illustrations of Bertram Brooker, explores the multidisciplinary relationship between Brooker’s interests in literature, music, and spirituality. The diversity of the collection covers many illustration projects, such as Elijah and Crime and Punishment. His pencil drawings are exploration of abstract form found in nature. These works also indicate the range of Brooker’s literary imagination.

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