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AWE Offsite: Dry Goods Gallery Emerging Artist Residency Maria Mediratta

April 27, 2022 - July 24, 2022

AWE Gallery

Maria Mediratta: grid_expansion

The installation work ‘grid_expansion’ is a sculptural mixed media evolvement of artist Maria Mediratta’s exploration into the tensions between our virtual and tangible worlds. The artist’s practice is predominantly paper based, including watercolour, printmaking and illustration as core mediums to document her surrounding environments. The artwork for the installation began as small watercolour studies inspired by her surroundings during the Emerging Artist Residency with Art Windsor-Essex. Close proximity to the Detroit River during winter and spring months inspired the colours and shapes throughout the piece. Mediratta often includes grids as a linking visual structure to her interests in mapping, organizational design, city architecture and the digital sphere. A grid can represent confines and structures but also togetherness if you look at the intersection of different edges and intertwining paths. Mediratta combines the organic forms, inspired by water and land, with the grid structure to play with the ongoing, fluctuating tension between our virtual and physical spaces and the accompanying mindsets experienced in those settings. 

The window is located at 1012 Drouillard Road, the Morris Dry Goods Building in Ford City.

Maria Mediratta (she/her) is a 25 year old artist and educator currently based in Windsor, Ontario. Primarily, she is a print, zine, illustration and mail artist playing with the tension between the virtual and the tangible world. She holds an MFA in Visual Arts (2021) and a BA in Visual Arts, Communication, Media & Film (2018). She has also been working in Windsor’s Arts and Culture sector for just under five years. She has been contracted by the University of Windsor, The Greater Essex County District School Board, Vanguard Youth Arts Collective, and more recently, Artcite Inc.

About AWE’s Emerging Artist Residency

AWE’s Emerging Artist Residency is a paid opportunity for three early-career artists in Windsor-Essex who want to learn, grow, develop, and show their art while engaging with the public in a series of community programs. In addition to creating new works of art in AWE’s Education Studio, the artist will create digital content and install an off-site window solo exhibition at the Dry Goods Gallery, at 1012 Drouillard Road, in Ford City.

This program is generously sponsored by the Windsor-Essex Community Foundation.


Maria Mediratta

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