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AWE on the Street: Decay by Michael Khalil

August 8, 2022 - October 3, 2022

AWE Gallery

The installation of ‘Decay’ is a sculptural representation of urban decay and its effects on the body.  Urban decay is a concept in sociology that describes a once thriving city that is slowly falling apart. While the wealthy continue to profit off of industrialization, it is the working people who suffer the most. Under capitalism, urban decay is inevitable, but even after we are gone, mother Earth will stay. 

During their residency, Michael takes walks across the city, taking notes and creating quick sketches of the environment. Through photography, digital art, and sculpting, Michael attempts to capture Windsor’s personality and the people in it. Inspired by Windsor’s environment, the piece shows how affected by the heavy pollution, the three skeletons are slowly returning to Earth. All the elements in the installation work together to tell a story of death and decay.

This exhibition is located in the Dry Goods Gallery at Chance Coffee (1012 Drouillard Road), Ford City.

About the Artist:

Michael Khalil is a 22-year-old artist currently living in Windsor, Ontario. The ongoing theme in Michael’s work focuses on life around him.  Michael attempts to capture how often we forget to admire the things we cannot see, like forgotten plants and animals, and to bring concepts found in sociology to life. Michael currently holds two BAs in Criminology and Psychology (2021). Self-taught, Michael has no formal training in the arts but has been a practicing artist all their life. Slowly joining the art community of Windsor, Michael is open to all new artistic experiences.

About AWE’s Emerging Artist Residency

AWE’s Emerging Artist Residency is a paid opportunity for three early-career artists in Windsor-Essex who want to learn, grow, develop, and show their art while engaging with the public in a series of community programs. In addition to creating new works of art in AWE’s Education Studio, the artist will create digital content and install an off-site window solo exhibition at the Dry Goods Gallery, at 1012 Drouillard Road, in Ford City.

This program is generously sponsored by the Windsor-Essex Community Foundation.


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