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AWE Teen Art Display

June 24, 2022 - August 23, 2022

AWE Gallery

AWE Teen Art Display

Featuring nearly 100 artworks from over 70 teen artists!

2021-22 marked the inaugural year of the AWE Teen Arts Council. As part of their programming for 2022, council members submitted their art and encouraged teens from across Windsor-Essex to submit creative work for this community display. Through media such as paintings, sketches, mixed-media, stop-motion animation, photography, and sculpture, this display showcases the unique perspectives that the teens in our community bring to the table.

Teen artists across Windsor-Essex had so much to offer that this display is showcased on two floors. Over 95 artworks are shown in this display, which extends from the WFCU space on AWE’s third floor to the Studio display on AWE’s second floor.

We would like to thank Lisa and Brian Schwab for their generous support of the AWE Teen Arts Council and its programming!

2021-2022 AWE Teen Arts Council:

Matthew Cruz
Raida Farzat
Sophia Lapico
Eddie McCabe
Aisha Razi
Dunia Roba
Devishi Sharma
Vanessa Wong

Teen artists featured in this display:

Aayam Naeem
Abigail McLeod
Abigayle Mallais
Adele Whittal
Ally Parent
Angelina Medved
Ashley Bi
Aubryn Boisvert
Audrey Wybenga
Bradley Van Hinte
Caitlin Souchuk
Chelsea Ntetani
Christina Kambourakis
Colin Wagner
Dalia Alkahyoun
Dunia Roba
Eddie McCabe
Elle Lepp
Elle Reid
Emily Mills
Emily Powell
Erin Rhude
Ethan Elmer
Evangeline Marcarian
Florie Matthews
Gabriel Mailloux
Genevieve Roulier
Giuliana Badircea
Hala Abu Rashid
Hana Zaidawi
Hanna Kulcsar
Huda Ghali
Iàn Fidele
Ibrahim Chouman
Jake Oliver
James Hopkins
Jasmine Grewal
Jayda Basevski
Jenna Wiles
Joel Wagner
Katerina Amicone
Kyla Gault
Laiba Akmal
Leah Leighton
Leyre Borja Mendez
Logan Richard
Lori Macanovik
Lovereen Dhanju
Luke Leopold
Mackenzie Shoemaker
Madison Vazzoler
Manha Patel
Matthew Cruz
Michelle Chen
Nicole Seagris
Nora McCurdy
Norhan El-Gammal
Parker Mosey
Qout Abdullah
Rachel Ouellette
Raida Farzat
Raja Jarrar
Sadie Baker
Sara Vitale
Saraf Nawar
Sarah Ahmed
Sneha Chitte
Sophia Lapico
Sydney Walker
Taylor Belanger
Téa Fields
Tess Whittal
Trevor Tebbens
Uday Chandi
Umaynah Khan
Vanessa Wong
Vicky Ng
Vrisha Vinodh
Zaina Saeed


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