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Canadian Art Associations in the 19th Century

January 17, 2004 - May 16, 2004

AWE Gallery

Upcoming exhibitions developed out of the AGW’s Permanent Collection include a display of works by artists associated with 19th century artist groups, such as the Ontario Society of Artists (established 1872) and Royal Canadian Academy of Art (established 1880). Selected artists include Lucius O’Brien, Otto Jacobi, and Homer Watson.

Throughout the 19th century, artists established such groups as a means of encouraging commissions for their members, and to support the growth of an organized art scene and a ‘Canadian’ sensibility in art. Artists often donated work as a condition of membership, and these resulting collections have provided invaluable contributions to arts institutions, such as the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.

Over the past two years, the Permanent Collection has expanded significantly, acquiring approximately 300 new works of art annually. Recent acquisitions include works by artists Marcel Dzama, John Scott, Roland Poulin, Yousuf Karsh,and Norval Morrisseau, which will be displayed at the Gallery within the next two years.

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