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Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge: Working Culture

February 21, 2009 - April 26, 2009

AWE Gallery

Working Culture provides an overview of the extraordinary collaborative effort of Canadian artists Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge. The exhibition features a selection of major photographic projects spanning their 30 year career. It begins with their 1975 breakthrough series of drawings It’s still privileged art. Influenced by conceptualism, including the British collective Art and Language, Condé and Beveridge turned away from formalist artmaking to embrace social engagements. They also began to explore collaborative models to investigate social aesthetics.

Driven by their belief that art should serve social and political goals and give voice to the complex issue facing working people, Condé and Beveridge collaborated with organized labour to produce punchy images incoporating staged photo-tableaux and text. Over the course of their career, they have tackled contentious issues including: the struggle for women’s rights; the impact of economic globalization; the politics of resource allocation; and the environment. Strident, humourous and visually compelling, their work reflects many key tensions animating Canadian society throughout this period.

Part of the annual Windsor Labour Arts Festival, Working Culture includes a short documentary video about the artists by Roz Owen and Jim Miller, and a revealing display about Condé and Beveridge’s working methods.


Working Culture: Carole Conde and Karl Beveridge

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