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Community Display: Connecting: Colour and Collage by Honourable W.C Kennedy Collegiate

December 8, 2023 - January 7, 2024

WFCU Eco-Lounge, 3rd floor

Honourable W.C Kennedy Collegiate is under major construction! Hammering echoes along the halls, doors (ajar) send drafts of cold air from one room to another, and you’ll find debris (both delicate and strange) collecting in forgotten corners. As the work continues outside, with great noise and acclaim, there is incredible work happening in the classroom.

In short, Kennedy Collegiate is committed to their students. Staff have pioneered grassroots initiatives centered on inclusion, connection, and care, while student leaders bolster day-to-day activities (and daily announcements) with laughter and dedication to their community. Where the arts are concerned, Kennedy Collegiate boasts an exceptional art program, spearheaded by educators with a commitment to arts-as-practice and studio resources – if you’re looking for creativity, and even more creative solutions…this is it!

AVI10 (Grade 9 Arts) presents Connecting: Colour and Collage, in response to Rajni Perera’s exhibition Futures. As part of understanding Colour Theory, we reviewed Perera’s work to analyze how colour is used as a storytelling tool. Students then adapted their understanding of colour to collage (as medium and practice), exploring textures, tones, and patterns with individual colour wheels.

A note from the Art Department Head: “An arts education can enhance a student’s awareness of self, build resilience and problem-solving abilities in tandem with having fun experimenting, learning and growth. Being able to provide a platform to showcase, celebrate and acknowledge students’ artistic voice is powerful. Students feel a sense of pride, self confidence, and empowerment as they recognize that their artwork can impact the environment in which it exists. Having their work displayed in such a prestigious location is rewarding and Kennedy staff and students are graciously thankful for this incredible opportunity. In art class, a motto that we live by at K.C.I is “BIG, BOLD, fill the page with dynamically composed artwork” and I encourage my students to live their lives in the same capacity. Thank-you to Talysha Bujold-Abu for providing my students with this experience. – Ms. Gignac

As part of ongoing construction, exhibition space has been limited at Kennedy Collegiate. From AVI10, and those supporting, we offer a big thank-you to Art Windsor-Essex (AWE) for the opportunity to share our work with the community and acknowledge the hard work of our students.

Organized and Curated by Talysha Bujold-Abu

Contributing Artists:

Zaki Almdawar, Naser Alshryda, Jessica Asko, Yara Azima, Tristen Brunelle, Vanessa Cabral-Hiller, Hannah Dunning, Wesam Elmahoud, Landyn Freeswick, Ayah Hassanein, Ava Kleit, Doha Koueik, Jay Laird, Molly McKeown, Najib Mohamed Falir, Shaimaa Mohammed, Kaily Namiq, Hanson Nguy, Vi Dinh Nguyen, Levi Pelletier, Ayrihanna Phillips, Davonn Phlong, Phenny Romah, Noor Samhat, Natalle Splint, Evan Tamrat, Taesean Tate, Mursal Ahmed Mohamed, Ali Al Badri, Ehsan Al-Mahdawi, Lamar Al-Zaiyadi, Malak Alburiahi, Believe Allen, Alhawraa Alowa, Alexander Angus, Heaven Benjamin, Bradely Brown, Mohamad Charafeddine, Jeff Dumercy, Fesal Elainein, Savannah Hargreaves, Lian Ishoaibi, Brian Kaiser, Hassan Kamaleddine, Charlie Kickham, Mira Kubinec, Alexis Labelle-Handsor, Miranda McLaughlin, Braylon Merrit Wellington, Vivian Morales Lopez, River Plummer, Layah Woodley.


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