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Crip Ecologies: Vulnerable Bodies in a Toxic Landscape

February 19, 2022 - May 22, 2022

AWE Gallery

Sunaura Taylor, Aquifer Sponge, 2017-2020, pen and watercolour on paper, 15.2 I x 15.2 I

This exhibition explores contemporary art practices by chronically ill, disabled and immunocompromised artists from the US, Canada, and the UK. Collectively, their works illustrate our complex relationships with medical systems and procedures and are informed by aesthetics of pain and care. This work shines a light on how both our built and natural environment sheds toxic matter that disproportionately affects the lives of vulnerable disabled people. The artists, therefore, advocate for a “crip-ecology” that calls for a greater degree of interdependence and reliance on one another, and a greater sense of responsibility and care towards our landscape. The ten artists included in this exhibition are Panteha Abareshi, Ezra Benus, Hayley Cranberry-Small, Alex Dolores Salerno, Sharona Franklin, Yo-Yo Lin, Logan MacDonald, Carly Mandel, Sunaura Taylor, and RA Walden.

Curated by Amanda Cachia

The exhibition and programming is a co-presented with Tangled Art + Disability

Tangled Art + Disability is boldly redefining how the world experiences art and those who create it. We are a not for profit art + disability organization dedicated to connecting professional and emerging artists, the arts community and a diverse public through creative passion and artistic excellence. Our mandate is to support Deaf, Mad and disability-identified artists, to cultivate Deaf, Mad and disability arts in Canada, and to enhance access to the arts for artists and audiences of all abilities.

In this exhibit

Sunaura Taylor, Aquifer Sponge, 2017-2020, pen and watercolour on paper, 15.2 I x 15.2 I

Ezra Benus, Touch Me Tenderly, 2021, acrylic, wool, cotton on poly-cotton cloth, 30.5 I x 61.0 I, Courtesy of the artist

Yo-Yo Lin, Re:collections, 2021, animation (still), medical archive, video archive; 20:49

Hayley Cranberry Small, Phlebotic Self-portrait, 2018, stoneware, glaze, rubber tourniquet and plastic medical needle and tubing, 10.2 I x 10.2 I

Carly Mandel, Dove medical Id, aluminum, steel, and plastic, 19.9 I x 25.4 I

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