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April 9, 2011 - July 17, 2011

AWE Gallery

Painting is about desire, found in an inherent magnetism that exists between an image and object, including the imagination and reality, the unknowable and the known, and how, in the mind of the viewer, these separate trajectories intersect thereby closing a gap and thought congeals. Painting is a language all its own, a dynamic interrelationship of content and form provide a basis for its syntax and comprehension. The language of painting is internal, embedded in the place of ideas, yet at the same time, it is about the obvious concrete materiality of the object directly in front of us. Paintings operate in the interchangeable region between thinking (idea) and image (object). This duality (idea/object) is something that has always fascinated me.

I use words because they are what we use to think and communicate; they are what we use to navigate the world. My words are about the intimate relationship and internal dialogue that I have with my work as I’m working and many of the texts ‘sound’ as if a couple were conversing privately. I want the viewer to experience this talk and all the questioning, deciding, negating and affirming, all the desire that remains grossly unseen, the creative processing as it occurs in the moment. I want to make the processes of thought visible, even tangible — this is the art.

Dennis Michael Jones

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