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Elements of Being: Women and the Number 3

May 22, 2010 - August 29, 2010

AWE Gallery

The world contains many things; both physical, like people and apples and abstract such as love and the number three. The former being known as particulars, the latter often referred to as abstractions or universals. Is it possible for particulars and abstractions to create a discourse based on their similar essential concerns? Does the redness of an abstract painting speak the same redness of an apple?

Elements of Being: Women and the Number 3 brings together seemingly disparate works. Formally and philosophically they speak different languages and yet they challenge the viewer to look beyond these differences and see an essential or fundamental sameness. Are we able to hear this shared language despite their stylistic differences and the noise of art history?

This exhibition pulls from the AGW’s extensive collection of realism and abstraction. The works invite and encourage an opening of perception to the world through new perspectives on what could also be viewed as rather obvious representations of historical abstraction or realism asking the viewer to look for the fundamentals and their interactions. If you do, you may see the abstract in the real and the real in the abstract.

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