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June 13, 1998 - November 8, 1998

AWE Gallery

Intriguing, mysterious, and at time menacing, Embodiment explores a subject which artists have long recognized as being a powerful expressive force – the human body. Embodiment highlights a variety of contemporary art practices including photography, painting, sculpture, and film; participating artists include Evergon, Allyson Clay, Tom Dean, Aganetha Dyck, Eldon Garnet, Wyn Geleynse and Regan Morris. In some instances, the artworks depict figures, while others allude to a more obscure physical or psychological presence. The works are united by the seemingly inexhaustible ability of the body as a subject to evoke a wide range of emotions, associations, and meanings.

The art shown in Embodiment represents contemporary work acquired by the AGW over the past ten years, as well as work that may potentially be acquired in the future. Several pieces are on display for the first time.

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