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Essex Collects: Part II, Contemporary Works

April 21, 2007 - June 24, 2007

AWE Gallery

The AGW is pleased to present Essex Collects: Part II, Contemporary Works, as part of its spring/summer program for 2007. Picking up where this winter’s historical display left off, this exhibition features art made from the 1960s onward, collected by Essex county residents.

Paintings, prints, sculptures, and photographs have been loaned from local collectors, including works by international artists such as Carolee Schneemann, Willem de Kooning, Alex Katz, Ed Kienholz and Joseph Bueys, as wells as prominent Canadian artists Norval Morrisseau, John Scott, David Bolduc and Kenojauk Ashevak. Regional talents on display include Iain Baxter (and NE Thing Co.), Adèle Duck, Tony Mosna, Kin Moodie and David Merritt.

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