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I Get More Frightened When I See How Scared You Are

January 23, 2010 - May 2, 2010

AWE Gallery

It seems that we are living in an era marked by irresistible fear. The 20th century has been dubbed the ‘age of anxiety’ but at the outset of the 21st, fear has become the primary emotion in contemporary life — dread of nuclear war, terrorists, and possibly even Prozac. The number of alarming things is countless. Hence this exhibition asks: how do we choose to temper thoughts and feelings with actions when confronted with terror; how can we make something out of these qualms? This exhibition engages fear from a wide range of perspectives and intensities. While there may be nothing manifestly scary in this exhibition, the works speak to the potential of this emotion to multiply, reproduce and infest.

This University of Windsor MFA graduate exhibition features artists Leesa Bringas, Adrian Gorea, Immony Men, Victor Romão and Hoda Zarbaf.

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