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Julie Hall: Depends on the Light AWE Green Roof Terrace Project

July 20, 2022 - December 7, 2022

AWE Gallery

Depends on the Light imagines contemporary landowners’ responsibilities to restore and participate in the regional ecosystem. The existing Green Roof Terrace lacked diversity but now contains a pollinator-friendly plant palette of perennials and nectar-rich annuals. The newly planted garden, with its variety of native tallgrass prairie species, invites wildlife to the space and provides food and shelter for many species indigenous to the area.

A family of illustrated symbols are presented throughout the installation, loosely referencing current and future elements of the garden. Outdoor flags and garden sculptures pull from the language of domestic garden decor and give direct material support to the illustrations.  The flags wave hi! from above and outside – marking a place, extending an invitation, identifying a community, and signalling change. AWE’s newly implemented brand colours are somewhat irreverently featured to reference a spirit of collaboration between artist, institution, and the natural world.

The AWE Green Roof Terrace is now a certified Monarch Waystation, part of a registry of gardens that help support a healthy population of monarch butterflies. It is also recognized by the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative’s Butterflyway Initiative, in association with the David Suzuki Foundation’s Butterflyway Project.

About Julie Hall

Julie Hall is an artist, illustrator, and horticulturist living and working in Windsor-Essex.  Her work is often influenced by the distinctly regional, from architecture to ecosystems.  Through observation and the development of a communal iconography, Julie’s work is meant to rouse collective memory and spark conversations around shared experiences.  She uses traditional and digital techniques to materialize ideas, with recent work extending to murals, textiles, and objects.  She began her commercial art and design practice in 2013 and has worked with clients including Wild Birds Unlimited, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Green Shield Canada, and Friends of Ojibway Prairie.  She studied Visual Arts at the University of Windsor (BFA), Studio Art at the University of Guelph (MFA), and received her horticultural training from St. Clair College.


Graphic by Julie Hall

Graphic by Julie Hall

Julie Hall

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