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Ken Lum Works with Photography

August 30, 2003 - October 26, 2003

AWE Gallery

Vancouver-based artist Ken Lum is one of Canada’s leading international artists. This 20-year retrospective exhibition focuses on his use of colour photography and text to examine issues of race, class, gender, and identity.

Throughout his career, Lum has produced portraits. He often combines pictures of people with a short text or logo. Using aggressive design strategies derived from popular culture, the texts can be simply the persons name, a description of some aspect of their lives, or a highly emotional text. The people in his photographs are rarely idealized. Instead, they suggest a new approach to photographic realism.

Ken Lum is concerned primarily with the way in which identity evolves within a changing social context. He explores the anxiety, confusion, and contradictions that sometimes arise when people of different backgrounds meet. His work asks us to question our own values and preconceptions in the face of an ever-changing society.

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