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Little Things

April 18, 1998 - September 20, 1998

AWE Gallery

A change in scale unlocks a world of many possibilities, providing a fertile realm for the imagination and inspiring artists from prehistory to the present. Contemporary artists have inflated such mundane objects as screwdrivers, apples and clothespins, creating icons out of the ordinary objects of our lives. In the exhibition Little Things we see local artist Andrew Wright work to the opposite extreme and use shifts in scale to create intriguing counterpoints to our understanding of art.

Our fascination with large and small is grounded partly in day-to-day experience. Each of us experiences things growing and shrinking all the time. Perspective and illusion become part of the visual games we can take delight in. To play these games is to suspend disbelief and play with the world as changing images. Little Things has created an environment where visitors can ponder their relative size in the universe.

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