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Oh Other, Where Art Thou?: University of Windsor MFA Graduate Exhibition

April 21, 2007 - June 10, 2007

AWE Gallery

Diverse in their artistic practices, the four University of Windsor MFA students in this exhibition question and confront a variety of social issues facing artists in the early 21st-century. Oh Other, Where Art Thou? begins with a question that points to the importance of relationships, including those between artist, viewer, object, and idea. It is within these relations that new dialogues based in a diversity of interpretations may emerge.

Brought together by chance, the 2007 MFA class at the School of Visual Arts has created an exhibition that reflects their diversity and the lasting impressions of their experiences. Susan Blight, a Winnipeg photographer, examines the act of looking, issues of intimacy, and the relationship between artist and subject. Originally from Thunder Bay, Kathleen Nicholls offers a poetic interpretation of the curiosities hidden in everyday life by overlapping mediums such as drawing and printmaking. Toronto-based artist Gordon Frendo’s video installations juxtapose what is seen with what is heard, creating a sense of wonder and questioning of the foundations on which we ground our reality. Windsor-born Troy Ouellette uses garbage and recycled materials to create sculptural installations that address the excesses of consumption and waste.

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