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Phil Bergerson: Shards of America

June 22, 2012 - September 23, 2012

AWE Gallery

AGW is proud to present a selection of photographs from Phil Bergerson’s ongoing project titled Shards of America that explores the culture of the United State through extensive travels through southern Ontario and across the United States, visiting cities both small and large. The resulting photographs capture the cultural detritus of everyday life, and the pastiche of remnants left over from generations past. This territory has been explored by numerous photographers, but rarely with such unabashed joy as Bergerson injects into his images. His viewpoint is never condescending, but instead captures the beauty of these ‘organic’ installations, small moments that have been created through a mixture of human intent, nature’s intervention, and time, and realized through Bergerson’s lens present a timely visit to the complexities that make up contemporary American society.


Temple, Texas

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