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Ride On! Community Display

February 19, 2022 - March 13, 2022

AWE Gallery

Join us for a community display showcasing photos and creations from our Ride On program, in partnership with the Windsor Residence for Young Men, Anthony Di Fazio, and Bliss Skateboard Shop!

Through talks with the Windsor Residence for Young Men (WRYM), the AGW learned that while many of the young men are interested in the arts, some are reluctant to get involved due to feeling like artistic engagement is not for them nor their gender.

Over the course of four sessions, Ride On! actively engaged participants from the Windsor Residence for Young Men by incorporating artistry with skateboards. All of the participants were gifted a skateboard, and with the help of hired artist-in-residence Anthony Di Fazio, the participants conceptualized, designed, and produced their own skateboard.

Each workshop was designed to guide the participants through the creative process, while encouraging collaboration, connection, and discovery through art. At the end of the program, all of the participants gained a fully-fledged skateboard of their own creation to use to ride on to future adventures!


Born and raised in Windsor Ontario where his career began, Di Fazio then moved to London, Ontario to study art. Graduating Fanshawe College with a Degree in Fine Arts in 2018. Di Fazio received two awards during his studies, The Bob and Shelly Siskind visual Arts award and 2018 Satellite Award Exhibition. His participation and artwork have been on display in 23 exhibitions consisting of Solo, Group, and curated events. The 23 exhibitions, does not include the lengthy list of performances and his musical acts which he has participated in. Di Fazio’s art practise ranges on a diverse platform of mediums, considering himself to be a multidisciplinary artist. “Ever since I can remember, Art to me was never about one medium, scrambling mediums to watch them speak together intrigued my interest in art”. Di Fazio’s creative path has led him to currently creating and developing his own skateboarding brand/artistic identity by merging old school skating styles, with art, fashion, and videos.

Windsor Residence for Young Men ends homelessness for young men 16 – 24 years of age. They provide a safe, nurturing home where youth learn important life skills, how to access the resources of our community, and how to become active empowered citizens. They follow up with aftercare – assisting them in crisis, and inviting them back ‘home’ if needed, as any good parent would.


Bliss is Windsor’s internationally known skateboard shop. Officially opening its doors in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bliss thrived and continues to do so thanks the support of its worldwide support from the skateboard community. After several years, Bliss was the first skateboard shop to open in Windsor. Within its first year Bliss was been featured on multiple media outlets such as The Berrics, Elle Canada, By Blacks and CBC News, just to name a few. Bliss’ mission is to bring a piece of happiness to the skateboard community locally and worldwide.


The AGW Centre for Art and Wellness is an interdisciplinary mental wellness program that uses creative programming to foster community well-being. If you’re looking for a hub of programs that will help facilitate community connection and artistic creation, you’re in the right place! Through partnerships with WEST of Windsor, WRYM, and Autism Ontario, among others, the Centre for Arts and Wellness is providing wellness programming for our community members who are most vulnerable during COVID-19 and beyond. 

Ride On! and the Centre for Art and Wellness are generously supported by the Solcz Family Foundation.


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