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Sylvie Bélanger: Citer le lieu

November 13, 1999 - January 16, 2000

AWE Gallery

This installation by multimedia artist Sylvie Bélanger offers an interpretation of the experience of space. In this assemblage of electronic media and architectural elements (arches, windows, columns), our field of vision is constantly shifting. Each viewing space contains the next in a way that reinforces bodily experience. We search for place in the dizzying montage of refracted cityscapes, yet are left only with a sense of displacement. In this work, Bélanger suggests that the utopian promise of the modern technological world and electronic communication is perhaps a failure.

In 1997-98, Sylvie Bélanger had a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Windsor from which the video sculpture, Le regard du silence, was recently added to the collection. The AGW`s bilingual catalogue on Bélanger, with essays by Masashi Ogura, Christine Ross, and Dot Tuer will be out in late 1999. Citer le lieu is a major work of Bélanger`s that has been offered as a donation to the AGW collection. Through donations of artwork, the AGW is able to develop a more substantial and diverse cultural legacy for this region.

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