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The Eye Traffics in Feelings: A Community Display

May 20, 2022 - June 20, 2022

AWE Gallery

This display is co-presented by Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario.

Facilitated over the course of 16 weeks beginning in the summer of 2019, local photographer and educator Therese Hounsell (BA, MA, RECE) engaged 8 people with disabilities in the creative process of photography. The program encouraged the participants to explore how photography awakens within us a more thoughtful, mindful, and reflective way of seeing everything. This process of becoming visually literate can be a powerful tool in building self-confidence, while at the same time, embedding in participants an awareness of how their actions, perceptions, and views resonate far beyond their own internal universe.

Equipped with Nikon cameras, participants explored their worlds and captured images as a method of experiential learning, while concurrently being mentored about:
• How to use (and respect) varying camera or camera-functional equipment.
• Basic photography rules
• How to navigate digital editing software
• What it means to maintain documentary integrity
• How to digitally edit images
• Understanding the components of visual storytelling

About ALSO

The Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario (A.L.S.O.) began in 1938 with the opening of a workshop for both adults and children with disabilities. Through the years there have been changes in our community and in society but through it all A.L.S.O. has maintained its spirit and determination to provide the best possible services to adults with physical disabilities.


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