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Walking the City: Community Display

August 5, 2021 - August 31, 2021

WFCU Eco-Lounge, 3rd floor

In fall of 2020, the Art Gallery of Windsor organized a series of art walks throughout the downtown core. Led by April Morris and the Vanguard Youth Arts Collective, participants were encouraged to explore, wander, and contemplate their surroundings. We discussed the history of psychogeography and the impact walking has on learning more about the neighborhoods we live in. We observed, reflected, and questioned the buildings, pathways, and other elements that make up the city’s changing built environment. These walks gave us an opportunity to re-imagine the places in which we live, work and play while taking into account our lived experiences and shared ideas.

This community display showcases documentation of our walks in the city.


April Morris is a visual artist and an arts educator who lives and works in Windsor, Ontario. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree, Bachelors of Education, a Certificate in Arts Management and a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Windsor. Her paintings study urban spaces that she photographs on her exploratory walks in the city. April sees the city as a place of unnoticed messages and questions how it impacts her and her sense of place.

As an arts educator April has worked within her immediate community to foster ongoing professional development and to instill creative learning. April has taught various art lessons at local public schools, the Art Gallery of Windsor, SB Contemporary Art and the University of Windsor. In each of these educational facilities April has designed and delivered a variety of lessons teaching individuals of all ages about the value of the creative arts. April is an art advocate and is dedicated to encouraging arts and creativity in her hometown Windsor.

The Vanguard Youth Arts Collective are a group of creatively driven youth who act as a voice for an emerging generation of the arts within the Windsor Essex region. We nurture creative development by fostering connections within the community. Their vision is to enrich the artistic culture in our community through youth engagement by acting as a vital resource for young artists, raising awareness for the importance of artistic endeavours, promoting collaboration between all disciplines of artistic practice, and generating opportunities for young creatives in Windsor Essex.


Photo: Walking in the City, 2020, Sophie Hinch

Photo: Walking in the City, 2020, Sophie Hinch

Photo: Walking in the City, 2020, Sophie Hinch

Photo: Walking in the City, 2020, Sophie Hinch

Photo: Walking in the City, 2020, Sophie Hinch

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