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Wayne Tousignant: perspace

September 9, 1999 - January 23, 2000

AWE Gallery

One’s memory of space – a bedroom, workplace, or kitchen – becomes a vital principle of their character and personality. For perspace, local artist Wayne Tousignant has pursued an interest in the long-term significance of remembered places, considering the diverse perspectives of childhood and the relationship with both places and things. Here, his own environmental memory has been distilled for everyone to toy with. For many artists, a room does not remain empty for long. perspace will intrigue and engage the child who loves to push buttons, the adult who is inspired to design a staged play, and those who love the mouse and computer graphic programs. He has created a media/art apparatus that is a television station turned inside out. Using older media technology on load from the University of Windsor, a collection of projectors, stage design techniques, and a Macromdia Flash computer program, visitors are able to have a multistory encounter with perspace.

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