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Without: University of Windsor MFA Graduate Exhibition

April 10, 2009 - June 14, 2009

AWE Gallery

I.   Outside, in various senses.
II.  Senses intermediate between I. and III.
III. Expressing absence, privation or negation.

Varied in their approaches and diverse in their respective backgrounds, the 2009 MFA grads at the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts use a broad range of visual, conceptual and relational tactics to create work that confronts and renegotates our perceptions of and relationships to the world at large.

Justin A. Langlios’s collective social practice interrupts and engages the city and its infrastructure through a variety of community-based projects, events and interactions. With reference to history and geography, Henrjeta Mece’s multimedia installations explore notions of corporeality and belonging. Steven Leyden Cochrane’s muli-disciplinary approach challenges conventions surrounding art objects as repositories of meaning and vehicles for personal expression.

Aligned by circumstance, these artists have organized Without to question agency and understanding based on binary distinctions between internal and external, presence and absence, the individual and the group.


Without (MFA Graduate Exhibition 2009)

Without (MFA Graduate Exhibition 2009)

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