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Z’otz* Collective: Community Collaboration

July 19, 2022 - August 22, 2022

AWE Gallery

About the Project 

Agricultural workers from Pure Flavor Farms in Leamington, ON, worked in collaboration with the Z’otz* Collective from Toronto, ON, on a community art project. The participants created works that celebrate their individual culture and explore their collective identity through artistic expression and collaboration. The collaborative installation is on display at the Leamington Arts Centre in Leamington, ON through August 22, 2022.

Meet the artists: Z’otz* Collective

Taking its name from the Mayan word for “bat,” Z’otz* Collective consists of three artists with Latin American roots who also maintain individual practices: Nahúm Flores (Honduras), Erik Jerezano (Mexico), and Ilyana Martínez (Mexico/Canada). For over fifteen years, these artists have worked collaboratively out of a shared Toronto studio on drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, pottery, and site-specific installations. Z’otz* Collective has also exhibited widely, participating in over 65 exhibitions in Canada, Mexico, the United States, Serbia, and China.

What is the AWE Centre for Art and Wellness?
AWE’s Centre for Art and Wellness is an interdisciplinary mental wellness portal that uses creative programming to foster community well-being. Through partnerships with local organizations, the Centre for Arts and Wellness will provide wellness programming for our community members who are most vulnerable during COVID-19 and beyond.

Leamington Arts Centre 
72 Talbot St. W, Leamington, ON
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The Centre for Art and Wellness is supported by the Solcz Family Foundation.


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