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The Seniors Council

The Seniors Council is a collective of creative individuals committed to lifelong learning, actively involved in planning and engaging in artistic workshops at Art Windsor-Essex.

This innovative program focuses on the development and presentation of creative programs created by seniors, for seniors. AWE’s Seniors Council allows its members to design programs tailored to the needs of their peers, with a focus on skill-building, fostering meaningful dialogue, and reducing social isolation, with the aim to enhance the lives of local seniors through the power of art. 
The key objective of the Seniors Council program to enrich the lives of local seniors by providing intellectually and creatively engaging activities that bring the community together. 

This program’s purpose resonates with our broader mission at AWE, which is to harness the power of art to open minds and hearts to new ideas, perspectives and ways of thinking that inspire people to grow emotionally and intellectually. 

For more information, please contact Education and Public Programs Coordinator, Sophie Hinch at

The Seniors Council is supported by the New Horizons for Seniors Program, the Government of Canada, and Caesars Windsor Cares.