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Fridays Live! February 26, 2010

Fridays Live! Friday, February 26th, 7-10PM

The Art Gallery of Windsor is pleased to present its ongoing public events series entitled Fridays Live! These evenings blend together the eclectic sounds of Windsor's musical scene with the scheduled exhibition of the moment. An energetic and festive mood fills the gallery rivaling that of any contemporary urban scene with its thumb on the pulse of creativity.

This Fridays Live! celebrates exhibitions by local artist Adèle Duck and the University of Windsor Master of Fine Arts graduates. There will be an introduction to the Adèle Duck exhibition followed by the MFA exhibition. Try Contempo, AGW's restaurant, for delicious desserts and coffee. Check out our in-house studio workshop Icons & Idols run by the AGW's Education Public Programme Coordinator, Mary Anne VanWatteghem. Docents will be on hand to accommodate questions about the gallery and collection.

Visitors are able to enjoy the fabulous array of artisan items in the AGW's Uncommon Market gift shop and often arrange for the rental of a one of a kind artwork through Sarah Peters in the Art and Rental Sales venue.
Fridays Live! are an amazing way to spend a cultural and stimulating evening all under one roof. Please come out and join us, we promise you will keep coming!

Information about the exhibitions:

Adèle Duck
Jan. 30 to May 2, 2010

The 2010 winter quarter marks the long-overdue solo exhibition of recent paintings by celebrated Windsor artist Adèle Duck. This is a great opportunity to view Duck's paintings in a public setting- for years her prints and oils on paper have been eagerly collected by individuals and groups in this region, across Canada and beyond.

Adèle Duck's practice is informed by her mastery of many techniques, such as printmaking, drawing, and painting, as well as the traditions of figurative art and abstraction. Each work is a fascinating study of combinations: marks both painterly and defined, flowing washes and glazes; deep, floating fields of saturated colour shot through by an almost mobile series of sharp black and white stripes. Layered "skins" of pigment recede, offering brief but indefinite glimpses of the body. Such elements converge to create a sensual effect that is magnified by Duck's new larger scale. Not planned yet not wholly intuitive, her works play out a wanderlust; hard to categorize, it is best to just experience.

Adèle Duck's exhibition is augmented by a number of paintings and mixed-media works selected by the artist from the AGW vault. These choices, by a range of artists including Paterson Ewen, Tom Burrows, Richard Gorman and Graham Coughtry, complement Duck's work through their parallel interests in method, material and artistic philosophy.

I Get More Frightened When I See How Scared You Are
Jan. 23 to May 2, 2010

University of Windsor Master of Fine Arts graduate exhibition featuring artists Leesa Bringas, Adrian Gorea, Immony Men, Victor Romão and Hoda Zarbaf

It seems that we are living in an era marked by irresistible fear. The 20th century has been dubbed the 'age of anxiety' but at the outset of the 21st, fear has become the primary emotion in contemporary life - dread of nuclear war, terrorists, and possibly even Prozac. The number of alarming things is countless. Hence this exhibition asks: how do we choose to temper thoughts and feelings with actions when confronted with terror; how can we make something out of these qualms? This exhibition engages fear from a wide range of perspectives and intensities. While there may be nothing manifestly scary in this exhibition, the works speak to the potential of this emotion to multiply, reproduce and infest.

Please note, the exhibition of the graduating class of the St. Clair College Graphic Design program, originally scheduled for Feb. 24 to March 28, has be rescheduled for April 22 to May 9th.

For more information, contact: Nicole McCabe,, or 519-977-0013 ext. 134.
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