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The e-publications listed below are available as PDFs to download and print for your enjoyment and education. (Printed copies are not available for purchase). AWE e-pubs are produced with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council Arts Investment Fund for Publishers and Periodicals.

401 West! Portrait of the Region

Illustrated; 32 pages, with essays by Chris Finn et. al., foreword by Catharine Mastin

The Living River Project: Art, Water and Possible Worlds

Illustrated; 29 pages; essays by Patrick Mahon and Stuart Reid, foreword by Catharine Mastin

Hind vs. Hind

Illustrated; 14 pages; essay by Simon Frank, foreword by Catharine M. Mastin

‘Blazes Along the Trail’: Exploring David Milne’s Imaginative Vision

Illustrated; 21 pages; essays by Christopher Finn and Jennifer Robertson

Brenda Francis Pelkey: A Retrospective

Illustrated; 19 pages with texts by Catharine Mastin

Carl Beam: Four Directions

Illustrated; 16 pages; essay by Ann Beam, foreword by Catharine M. Mastin

Matthew Hawtin: Transposing

Illustrated; 40 pages; essay by Christopher McNamara

Between the Panels: The Comics Art of David Collier, David Finch, Jeff Lemire, and Kagan McLeod

Illustrated; 14 pages; essay by Dr. Dale Jacobs
and Dr. C. Suzanne Matheson

Sigi Torinus: Into the Light

Illustrated; 32 pages; essay by Honor Ford-Smith

Yousuf Karsh: The Ford Motor Company of Canada Gift to the AGW

Illustrated; 12 pages; acknowledgement by Estrellita Karsh, essays by Cassandra Getty and Catharine M. Mastin