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Cut and Paste: Mixed Media Collage with @arthoejoe_

DATE: Thursday, April 18th, 2024
TIME: 5pm – 9pm
LOCATION: 401 Riverside Dr. W, Windsor, ON


  • Current AWE Members: Free admission
  • Non-Members: $10

Meet Joe, better known as @arthoejoe_. Joe channels their healing into art that encourages viewers to notice life’s details. Using mixed media, stickers and text, Joe’s work combines large and small elements to convey the message that it’s okay to face inner battles. Through colorful art with deeper meanings, Joe aims to inspire self-acceptance and the importance of mental and physical well-being, nurturing others to grow into their best selves. Channel your inner 2000s self as we create epic collages and sticker masterpieces!

Image Credit: @arthoejoe_, “they look at me like i am crazy”, 2023, mixed media collage on flat-board canvas.

Meet the Artist: Joe I.

As an artist with ADHD and chronic health issues, healing from childhood trauma, my art aims to evoke emotions and encourage viewers to appreciate the small details in life. Through mixed media and various “canvases,” I intermix large and small details to captivate audiences. I want to convey the message that it’s okay to be different and to face inner battles, using art as a form of release when words are insufficient.

My colorful and bright art may seem joyful on the surface, but closer inspection reveals dark and deeper meanings, shedding light on important issues such as “masking” emotions. I strive to create pieces that reflect the internal struggles individuals face, encouraging them to embrace their true selves and speak out about their challenges.

Above all, I want to convey the message that it’s acceptable to be who you are, to prioritize mental and physical well-being, and to take time for self-care and healing. Progress comes in many forms, and each step towards self-acceptance and growth is valuable. Everyone has a purpose, and it’s important to embrace one’s uniqueness and share their experiences openly.

We are all “beans”, and I hope to help be the bean-gardener that helps others grow to be their best selves.

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